Association Management

Assistance with management services for organizations too large to be efficiently run by volunteers but too small to hire a full-time staff.


Offers complete governmental affairs services to its clients. We work with the General Assembly, its committees, and government agencies on legislation. Includes research and reporting.

Public Relations

Provides its association clients and others in the business community with media work, marketing events and positions, grassroots campaigns and public relations plans.

Event and Meeting Planning

Sets up clients’ board meetings, general membership meetings, annual meetings, conventions, seminars, trade shows and other special events. Our responsibilities for these meetings include finding suitable sites, sending meeting notices, dealing with the facility’s personnel and taking the minutes of the meetings. Our planning experiences range from small board meetings to trade shows and conventions lasting several days. We have been responsible for national meetings as well as numerous statewide meetings. Our team creates the marketing pieces for large meetings and trade shows.

Organization Leadership

Orchestrate and plan retreats, conferences, events, meetings, and trade shows. Facilitate future leaders programs for up and coming professions. Provide guidance to board and organization members.

Social Media and Newsletters

Establish and maintain social media presence through event announcements, pertinent occupation news, member outreach, and forge connections with members and potential target audiences. Keep members and affiliates educated on the services and developments within the organization with bi-weekly newsletters.

Continuing Education

Experience hosting workshops for continuing education and professional development hours. We supply several attendance opportunities for licensees throughout the year. Coordinate qualified speakers for specific professional fields.


Designs and implements membership campaigns and the subsequent maintenance thereof. We retain rosters of organization members and processes membership dues annually. Individual files are maintained on members including applications and other pertinent information for each organization. We reserve mailing lists of members and potential members for distributing newsletters, meeting announcements, special news releases and meeting information.


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Back Office

These services are numerous and custom-tailored for each client. May include bookkeeping, member records and maintenance, membership renewal and retention.

Strategic Planning

Collaborate to establish strategic plans identifying reachable and realistic goals, laying out objectives and road maps to achieve desired outcomes.


Provides computerized bookkeeping services, budget preparation, and research for clients to invest funds. We may provide financial reports for the leaders and membership. The firm also coordinates clients’ finances with a CPA to complete all necessary IRS and State Department of Revenue forms for organizations and makes sure that the organization maintains financial records to protect their nonprofit status if applicable. Maintain and reconcile bank accounts, provide budgets and financial reports.

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